Chrōm Tooth Polish; What It Is, Safety; Hygienist Explains

I was scrolling through TikTok and came across this product called Chrom tooth polish and immediately thought, what the heck is that? As a dental hygienist, I always become intrigued when I see new products, but my first concern is how safe it is for people to put Chrom tooth polish on their teeth.

Chrōm tooth polish is not safe to use on teeth regularly. The main ingredient is Triethyl Citrate (ester of citric acid), with a pH level of approximately 3, increasing the risk of cavities, acid erosion, tooth sensitivity, and increased staining potential. No long-term studies confirm tooth safety.

In this post, I go into depth about what Chrom tooth polish is, how people use it, how safe it is for teeth, and even show you a pH test I did on it to see how acidic it was and its role in causing cavities.

It is essential to say that I do not have any studies or tests that have been done on teeth to see the effects this product has on a microscopic level, and this product should not be used before consulting a dental professional.

What is Chrōm tooth polish? Is it safe for teeth?

Chrom tooth polish is similar to nail polish but for your teeth. It comes in many different colours, including white and blacklight options. Chrom tooth polish can last up to 24 hours on teeth and can be removed earlier if needed.

I emailed the company and asked them if they had any studies or tests done to assess the product’s safety on the teeth and any effects it can have on the enamel or exposed root surfaces.

I also asked what if it comes in contact with the gums and enters the bloodstream, what are the effects of the product systemically, and how safe is it when the product comes off the tooth and is swallowed? I am still waiting on their reply.

Tooth polish can be such a cool way to express yourself or add to the final touches of a costume look. But I am concerned about the potential effects it can have.

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They have great marketing, and the company claims the product is made with all FDA-approved ingredients. But, just because an ingredient is FDA-approved does not mean it is safe for the tooth or your overall health. Lemon juice is FDA-approved but not good for the teeth.

My point is that there is more to the picture than a company saying their ingredients are FDA-approved, and we need to be critical of these claims.

Patients safety is always number one

Your mouth is the gateway into your whole body and is highly vascular. Food, drink, medication, mouth rinses, and tooth polish can enter the bloodstream via the oral cavity. And no long-term studies show Chrom tooth polish is safe for ingestion.

The best seal of approval for the safety of an oral product is to have the ADA seal of acceptanceOpens in a new tab. (American Dental Association) or the CDA seal of approvalOpens in a new tab. (Canadian Dental Association). These seals are the gold standard for product safety.

The ADA Seal of Acceptance has been the leading mark of dental product safety and efficacy for 90 years.

People want white teeth; Tooth polish is not a solution

What aggravates me, especially with Chrom tooth polish, is that it is trying to market a tooth polish that makes teeth appear more white. So many people harm their teeth and oral health with at-home tooth whitening products that dental professionals have not approved.

Seeing a dental professional for a full assessment is so vital for the health of your mouth. If there are underlying issues, the tooth polish can harm the teeth.

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Cavities, calculus, cracks, root exposure, and restorations are all issues that can compromise teeth whitening. When a company sells these products, it can encourage people to cover up these problems and avoid seeing a dental professional.

Getting white teeth all starts with prevention. Regular oral hygiene assessments, and dental hygiene therapy, are crucial parts of achieving a whiter smile. There is no fast fix to achieving a whiter smile.

The pH level of Chrom tooth polish can cause irreversible damage to teeth

Triethyl Citrate is one of the main ingredients in Chrom tooth polish and is an ester of citric acid. Citric acid has a pH level between 3 and 6 but is usually around 3.

Having a product that contains an acid with a pH level this low can start to demineralize your tooth surface increasing;

  • cavities
  • acid erosion
  • tooth sensitivity
  • increased staining potential

Chrom tooth polish makes a layer on the tooth that salvia cannot penetrate. This means that while having this product on your teeth, not only is it coating your teeth in an acidic bath, it is preventing the minerals in your saliva from remineralizing and protecting the teeth.

I don’t know how Chrom tooth polish company can state that this product is safe to use, especially when people use it regularly.

How to protect your teeth while using Chrom tooth polish

Although I do not recommend this product, as a dental professional, I must understand that people will buy and use it. And if you use this product, I want you to have the safest experience.

Floss your teeth once a day, and brush your teeth twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste. The best toothpaste to use would be Sensodyne’s ProNamel toothpaste (Amazon Link) because it is the best toothpaste to prevent acid erosion, which is the most significant risk of using Chrom tooth polish. At night, after brushing, do not eat/drink or have anything by mouth for at least 30-minutes to allow for the highest protection.

See a dental professional for regular hygiene appointments to remove calculus (tartar) from your teeth and apply fluoride treatments.

I would want my patients to tell me that they are using this product, so make sure to tell your dental professional so they can apply a fluoride varnish to your teeth to help remineralize the tooth and prevent further damage.

I hope you have found the information you are looking for! Have a great day.

Holly 🙂

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