Having gone through orthodontic treatment myself 2 times, and my husband currently going through Invisalign treatment, it’s safe to say I have lots of personal experience.

Having orthodontic treatment myself really changed my life. It made me more confident and made my mouth much healthier because I could clean my teeth better after my treatment.

With my personal experience and my patients, you can find my favourite products below that helped me maintain my oral health during my treatment and what I recommend to everyone.

There are 2 main types of braces; Clear plastic trays, with the most popular brand being Invisalign and traditional “train-track” bracket braces.

I had the metal “train tracks” twice, so you could say I have enough experience taking care of them. Let’s go over my favourite products for each type.

Metal/Bracket Braces

I think one of the worst things about having this style of braces is the cuts in your cheeks and lips. When that bracket starts rubbing in one area, the pain is awful!

Orthodontic WaxOpens in a new tab.

Orthodontic wax saved me from so many cuts on my cheeks and lips. I always carried around a packet!

Floss picks

Flossing is also a pain in you know what! I sympathize with all my patients going through orthodontic treatment who are trying to maintain their flossing routine.

Plackers make some awesome ortho floss picks have a thinner plastic side that can fit underneath the metal wire to make flossing super easy! I have had a lot of patients who say they love them.


The Waterpik works wonders. I still use one today after getting one when I had braces.

It blasts food debris and bacteria out of your mouth and around your brackets. They even have a special tip attachment that is made for around your brackets.

I have seen a huge difference in my patient’s plaque and stain build up after they started using the Waterpik. The difference was night and day!

Interdental brushes

Also called a “Christmas Tree” brush or a “Proxabrush”, these little guys pack a big punch. They are so effective at cleaning around your brackets.

Regular dental floss isn’t going to get into the nooks and crannies around your brackets like these little brushes. They come in all different sizes, but try not to go too small as they may not be as effective.

You want to use them on all sides of the brackets and underneath the wire.


Keeping up with your dental hygiene on-the-go can be tricky but is vital while going through orthodontic treatment.

Carrying around a specific bag that has all your dental needs can help you maintain your oral health on the go as you have everything all in one place!

Clear aligners/Invisalign

The most important factor in this treatment is patient compliance. So sticking with your oral hygiene routine is key.

My husband is currently doing Invisalign treatment and I’ve helped him put together a routine that will work with his schedule.

Keep them clean

Even when brushing them every time they come out of your mouth, the aligner trays can still get gunky and discoloured.

I always recommend using the brand name cleaner on them just because I can trust they have done rigorous testing to make sure it won’t damage the plastic aligner. Invisalign has a 50 week supply of cleaning crystals that come in their own sachets and they also recommend the product linked below!

Steraligner tray cleaner comes with a bottle of cleaner and a container to clean them in. This is the product my husband uses to clean his trays and is recommended and approved by Invisalign.

You should be cleaning your aligner at least a few times in a 2 week period. You shouldn’t really be changing your aligners quicker than this, as it can lead to inadequate healing of the bone around the teeth as they move, and more possibility of root resorption.