Dry Mouth Dental Must-Haves

Trouble swallowing, sleeping and eating can result from a dry mouth.

It can even impact our speech and self-confidence, making us anxious about speaking in front of people. And MOST of all, a dry mouth can lead to cavities and cost you a pretty penny to maintain your teeth.

A dry mouth can be crippling and leave us searching for remedies.

Both my mother and grandmother suffer from dry mouth, and you can find the resources below that I gave them to help with their dry mouth.

Sometimes water can only get you so far.

Mouth Lubricants

Sometimes water just doesn’t do the trick and almost right after we take that sip the dryness comes back. You need something more long-lasting.

Biotene is my go-to when I recommend a saliva substitute to my patients.

Biotene has many different products including;

  • 1 L mouthwashOpens in a new tab.. You can use the mouthwash throughout the day and before you go to bed.
  • A toothpasteOpens in a new tab. you can use when you brush.
  • A mouth spray that you can take anywhere with you. I have a patient who just went through throat cancer treatment and has almost no saliva. He even will spray it a couple of times during his cleaning because having his mouth open for a whole hygiene appointment is very drying. This mouth spray is a huge help for him as he says he can wake up a couple of times during nighttime while he’s sleeping, all because of his dry mouth.
  • A gel Opens in a new tab.that you put on your tongue will spread around your mouth. If you find that the mouthwash just isn’t enough, this gel may be your solution. It is a bit thick, but this allows it to coat more and last longer.
  • Dry Mouth lozengesOpens in a new tab. that they just came out with are made with Xylitol to help prevent cavities and stimulate saliva flow. Very convenient when you’re on the go and need something quick to relieve your symptoms.

There is another brand that I’ve recommended to my patients that want another flavour option.

MouthKoteOpens in a new tab. is an all-natural approach and has a lemon-lime flavour to it. Its the better option if you don’t like mint flavour.


Xylitol is a cavity-fighting natural sugar that does not cause a glycemic spike. The xylitol stimulates your saliva glands to produce saliva, and it coats your teeth, preventing the bacteria from adhering to your tooth. It inhibits the duplication of bacteria as well.

Because of all of the above makes your mouth less acidic, which = smaller chance of developing a cavity and wearing away your tooth surface.

I suffer from a dry mouth (mildly due to medication), and I carry a whole thing of xylitol gum around. I’ll chew a piece quickly if I’ve eaten something acidic or just when I feel like it.

This is the gum that I carry around with me!Opens in a new tab. Here in Canada, they sell it for pretty cheap at HomeSense and Winner’s if you’re looking for a better deal. This brand also sells really nice mintsOpens in a new tab. if you’re not a fan of gum. Tangerine tangoOpens in a new tab. is my favourite flavour.

One thing you have to remember with this gum, the flavour doesn’t last for a long time. However, you don’t want to chew gum for long as it can overstress your jaw joint and muscles. I chew this gum as a therapeutic treatment, not just to chew it for an hour!

There are also xylitol mintsOpens in a new tab. that you can use instead of the gum.


Okay, if you have dry mouth at night, or if your dry mouth is causing disruptions in your life these are the things you NEED to try!

A sample package of XyliMelts (you can see I have already used one – one is missing). The brown side is the part you adhere to the tooth.

They are discrete tabs that actually adhere to your tooth, which is perfect for situations where you don’t want to be constantly sipping on water or using other things that you have to keep using,

They work over a few hours, slowly releasing xylitol to help moisten the mouth and prevent cavities!


Having a humidifier by your bed can make a HUGE difference in how your mouth feels when you are sleeping. It puts moisture in the air that you breathe in, preventing your nasal passageway and mouth from drying out.

A big issue with humidifiers on the market is that they are hard to clean, which can cause an increase in mould and bacteria within the humidifier. So finding one that is easy to clean is important.

I hope I have helped you find some things that will help alleviate your dry mouth and help you achieve better oral health! 🙂