Hismile V34; Dental Hygienist’s Non-Sponsored Review

Hismile’s V34 colour-correcting serum and tooth powder is taking social media advertising by storm. I see their advertisements nonstop (maybe because I am a teeth-obsessed dental hygienist, and their targeted advertising is working). However, I will be honest and say that the advertising for this product aggravates me.

But my aggravation is justified. So many people are being duped into thinking these products actually work. I care about my patients and care about all of you, and I don’t want people to waste their hard-earned money on something that frankly will not work to whiten teeth.

In this post, I explain why Hismile’s V34 colour-correcting products do not work to whiten teeth, why it looks like the product works in the advertisements, and why you should question dental professionals recommending this product.

I also go over some of Hismile’s products that will work to whiten your teeth, backed up by the highest level of scientific research.

Why will Hismile V34 not work to whiten teeth? Hygienist explains

The Hismile V34 colour correcting teeth whitening products will not chemically change the colour of the teeth. The purple pigment will have no oxidation effect on the pigment within the structures of the teeth.

In order to whiten teeth, either carbamide or hydrogen peroxide needs to be used (and newer advancements with phthalimido peroxy caproic acid; PAP, which I explain further near the end of this post).

Hismile V34 will not whiten teeth as no ingredient is present in the formula, which will oxidize the stain particles embedded within the tooth structure.

After using Hismile V34, the product just sits on the outside of the tooth, creating an optical illusion that the tooth has changed colour. Because Hismile is right about the colour theory, the deep violet/blue pigment changes how the light reflects from the tooth making the teeth appear more white.

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The instructions for use of the Hismile V34 are to not rinse after use, reiterating that a layer needs to stay on the teeth to create the optical illusion that the teeth are whiter.

As soon as you salivate (as soon as you close your mouth after using the product), eat or drink anything, the pigment will start to rinse away, eliminating the optical illusion of whiter teeth.

Again, the Hismile V34 does not change the colour of the tooth structure inside the tooth.

I also wish they were a little more clear that their products do not replace regular tooth brushing with toothpaste. There is no remineralization ingredients in the product which will make the teeth more susceptible to acid erosion and cavities, and increasing the chance of tooth staining.   

I dug deep into studies to validate the efficacy of the Hismile V34 product. I found a couple that confirmed that the deep purple pigment would not whiten teeth.

When looking at the quality of research done to assess a product, it is best to avoid studies conducted or funded by the company selling the product. There is lots of room for bias, and data can be skewed or explained in a certain way, making their product seem more effective.

In this study I read which is an in vitro, randomized and blinded study, the conclusion is as follows;

There were no significant differences in the whitening efficacy between a Blue Covarine containing toothpaste, a standard whitening toothpaste, and a control. Neither of the whitening toothpastes tested were as effective as in-office or at-home bleaching treatments.


Dr. Suhail Mohiuddin, a dentist and founder, based in Chicago, USA, created a video and posted it on his Instagram and TikTok about how purple toothpaste will not whiten teeth. I agree with his thoughts on how influencers (including dental professionals) marketing these products are paid actors. You can see the linked video below.

@dr.m_Opens in a new tab.

Purple toothpaste does NOT whiten teeth. Only oxidation of stains using hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth.

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But why does it look like Himile V34 works in the advertisements?

As I previously mentioned, It all starts with an optical illusion. After we brush our teeth with toothpaste, there is a thin layer that will stay on the teeth for a short period of time before our saliva can rinse most of it away. The instructions for use is to not rinse your mouth after, so the optical illusion can continue until you salivate enough, eat or drink.

I like to use this example; if you drink red wine, most people know that you get red wine teeth because the teeth get coated. But the red wine will not whiten your teeth.

This company uses very intelligent marketing tricks to make people believe that the product works and it will give you a whiter smile.

You only see the teeth immediately after Hismile V34 is used on the teeth before saliva or water comes in contact with the teeth. You do not see the teeth 30 minutes after using Hismile V34 or after a full day of eating and drinking.

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Only showing the teeth immediately after use makes the product look super effective and makes the audience think those results will last the whole day, driving people to buy the product.

Beware of dental professionals who recommend this product!

In my opinion, if any dental professional recommends this product, especially if they provide an affiliate link to buy the product (so they can make a profit off of it), every ounce of their credibility is out the window!

It is so shameful to take advantage of the public trust in healthcare professionals for them to make a profit.

We are supposed to be health care professionals, practicing evidence based science in order to provide the best care possible to our patients in our dental chair.

I went on this one dental professional’s website who did a “review” on the product, and their pictures had different lighting, making the product appear like it was effective. But there was a 20% discount code at the end of their article. They created the article in the product’s favour in order to make a profit.

I know we all need money to live, but it is better to be earned honestly, with integrity, and to protect the public.

Please make sure wherever you get your information from, they are not working directly with the company to sell their products, as you will most likely get biased thoughts and feelings.

I do not participate in affiliate deals with companies at all due to my values and morals of being transparent and 100% unbiased. I will only recommend products proven to work by evidence-based science.

All I want to do is protect everyone from being misled into buying and using these products.

I contacted Hismile for their evidence-based science

I emailed the company to see if I could get my hands on their studies, trials, experiments, or anything that could be used to back up their claims about the V34 products.

Guess what happened? Nothing.

Although I would not trust any biased studies, trials, or experiments, I still like to see what they can provide and how transparent these companies are.

It is so disappointing that other dental professionals who are marketing this product do not dig deeper into the science, and they continue to recommend the poor quality and ineffective product.

Again, patient safety should be the number one priority. If I would not recommend a product to my family or use it myself, I should not be recommending it to my patients.

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What I do like about Hismile: PAP+ teeth whitening strips

Some of their products do look great, especially the nano-hydroxyapatite serum. I even bought some myself because I have read many evidence-based science trials and studies that prove its effectiveness at remineralizing teeth.

I know I have talked a lot about this specific product, but I don’t want to discount the other products that they have created. PAP+ is an extremely interesting technology, and I think will advance teeth whitening.

I purchased their PAP+ whitening strips and am currently trying them because the evidence is strong that PAP works well to whiten teeth without sensitivity. Below is a post I wrote including a large amount os research and evidence-based science on the PAP+ teeth whitening strips.

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I really wish that Hismile sent their products to dental professionals solely because it would provide a much more authentic and accurate review. Having mostly non-dental professionals trial their products does not allow for honest reviews. Many people are thrilled to receive something free in the mail and are then encouraged to make a positive claim, even when the results are not calibrated properly. 

I hope you can take the information I have given to you today, and you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to purchase their products.

Have a great day,

Holly 🙂

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