How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost in Each of the 50 States?

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Dental veneers are the most popular cosmetic dental procedure available today. Dental veneer prices can vary depending on where you get them, but what is the average cost in the United States, and how do they differ between each state? This article is up to date in 2023.

The cost in the United States for porcelain veneers ranges from $595 to $4000, and composite veneers from $288 to $2500. The price depends on geographical location, expertise of dental professional, material used, number of veneers, the extent of prep work on the tooth before placement, and design.

It is important to note that there is a fee guide that suggests the cost. The fee guide is only a guide, and the dentist’s charge can change. When you see a specialist, they may increase the fee, and the cost will be higher. The price can be pretty subjective in specific scenarios.

The best advice I can give is to get multiple quotes and explore your options. Many dentists will provide free consultations and give you a quote for your proposed treatment plan.

It’s not just about finding the best deal; it’s also about the impression you get of the office and dentist. Trust your gut and go with someone you can trust and you like their work.

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I have contacted multiple dental offices all over the United States and researched to provide you with the cost of both porcelain and composite veneers in US dollars. Below is a table of all the data on how much dental veneers cost in each state.

Location (state)Porcelain veneer cost per tooth USDComposite veneer cost per tooth USD
Alabama$595 to $1400$288 to $650
Alaska$753 to $934$365 to $573
Arizona$800 to $3000$250 to $1500 
Arkansas$950 to $2500$200 to $1500
California$925 to $2500$250 to $1500
Colorado$950 to $2500$200 to $1500
Connecticut$1000 to $4000$200 to $1500
Delaware$925 to $2500$400 to $1500
Florida$950 to $2500$200 to $1500
Georgia$1000 to $2500$200 to $600
Hawaii$950 to $2500$650 to $1500 
Idaho$950 to $2500$400 to $1500
Illinois$925 to $2500$250 to $1500
Indiana$950 to $2500$200 to $1500
Iowa$950 to $2500$200 to $1500
Kansas$925 to $2500$800 to $2000
Kentucky$950 to $2500$200 to $1500
Louisiana$1100 to $2400$250 to $1500
Maine$925 to $2500$600 to $1500
Maryland$950 to $2500$200 to $1500
Massachusetts$925 to $2500$800 to $2000
Michigan$950 to $2500$600 to $1500
Minnesota$925 to $2500$400 to $1500
Mississippi$950 to $2500$200 to $1500
Missouri$950 to $2500$200 to $1500
Montana$925 to $2500$400 to $1500
Nebraska$950 to $2500$200 to $1500
Nevada$800 to $2500$400 to $1500
New Hampshire$700 to $2500$300 to $1500
New Jersey$800 to $2500$800 to $2000
New Mexico$1000 to $3000$200 to $1500
New York$900 to $4000$250 to $1500 
North Carolina$950 to $3000$800 to $2500
North Dakota$950 to $2500$400 to $1500
Ohio$1000 to $2500$400 to $1500
Oklahoma$950 to $2500$200 to $1500
Oregon$950 to $2500$200 to $1500
Pennsylvania$700 to $2500$200 to $1500
Rhode Island$925 to $2500$400 to $1500
South Carolina$950 to $2500$200 to $1500 
South Dakota$850 to $2000$650 to $1500 
Tennessee$950 to $2500$200 to $1500 
Texas$925 to $2500$250 to $1500 
Utah$925 to $2500$200 to $2000
Vermont$925 to $2500$400 to $1500 
Virginia$500 to $2500$250 to $1500 
Washington$950 to $2500$200 to $1500 
West Virginia$800 to $2500$400 to $1500 
Wisconsin$950 to $2500$200 to $1500 
Wyoming$925 to $2500$500 to $1500 
This table shows how much porcelain and composite veneers are in US dollars in each state (50 states) in 2022

Porcelain or composite dental veneers? Which should you choose?

It’s important to remember that composite does not last as long as porcelain. So, even though you may pay less upfront, you may end up paying more over the years due to replacing them more frequently.

If it were me, I would go for porcelain over composite veneers solely because I want the treatment that will last the longest and be better at tolerating everyday wear and tear.

Porcelain veneers typically last between 10-15 years and can last over 20-30 years with proper care, while composite last around 4-8 years and are more prone to breaking down, staining and failure.

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How to manage the cost of dental veneers; keep the cost down

Most offices will do a free consultation, look at your teeth, and talk to you about your goals for your future smile.

From there, they can give you an estimate of what your treatment plan will cost. The consultation may be in person or on a video call if in-person is unavailable.

Financing is often available through the dental offices, and they can work with you to come up with a fair payment plan.

The cost is highly subjective to your situation and the extent of treatment, and the more complex and the more teeth that are veneered, the price will go up.

There may be options in which the more veneers you have placed, the dentist may lower the cost of each veneer. For example, if each veneer was $1000, if you got 6, they may charge $900 for each veneer.

There is no harm in asking the dentist if they do deals like this. The worst thing they could say is no!

Should you travel to get dental veneers?

Although travelling to another state may be tempting to save some money, it is best to shop around your area instead.

Travelling has its costs, and even though the veneers may be cheaper at a farther destination, the hidden costs can rise, and the entire cost may be more than what you are saving.

You want to be close to the location you got your veneers. If something goes wrong, the dental professional who placed them is the best person to see.

The dental professional who placed your veneers will know precisely how your veneers were made. Also, they are most likely not going to charge you if one falls off shortly after getting the veneer placed.

You can have dentists that will charge the minimum for dental veneers in one city and others that will charge the maximum.

Some cosmetic dentists can charge a much higher fee than the normal range in some areas. This may be because they have built their brand and do top-tier work that people who have more money are willing to pay for.

For example, there may be celebrity dentists in California that will charge a higher amount for dental veneers.

I hope you have found what you are looking for today! And if you are just starting on your dental veneer journey, I wish you the best in achieving your dream smile!

Holly 🙂

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