Where To Get Free/Cheap Dental Care in Ottawa

For my fellow Ottawans who are looking for cheap or free dental treatment, you came to the right place!

Maintaining regular dental appointments can be expensive, but do you know what is more expensive? Not going. Neglecting your teeth can allow small issues to turn into big issues. For example; a small cavity can simply be fixed, but if it gets too big the tooth may need to be extracted. 

Regular dental cleanings are so important to maintain your oral health and prevent gum disease which in turn can affect the rest of your body. 

Below is a chart of all the places and events who offer free or low-cost dental cleanings and or treatment. 

Table Of Locations

Reference #Location 
1Pro Bono Dental
2Ottawa Public Health
3City of Ottawa
Ottawa Dental Society  
Healthy Smiles
Ontario Works
4Gift From The Heart
5Free Dentistry Day
6Free Yazdani
7Free Centrum
8Algonquin College

Algonquin College Fees

1. Pro Bono Dental

There is an application process for Pro Bono Dental and you need to be able to meet their terms in order to be approved for treatment. I went onto their website and facebook page and it is not clear if they are actually still running, but an email to them wouldn’t hurt to verify. They do have a list of participating dentists that you could check out as well. 

The terms and conditions include; have a permanent address in Ottawa, prove that you have low-income/minimum wage, no criminal records or drug dependencies, no serious medical conditions, no insurance, and give permission to use your before and after photos.

2.  Ottawa Public Health

Ottawa Public Health offers free dental screenings, fluoride varnish applications, denture cleanings (only at some locations), and information on dental health. They welcome all ages and you can enroll for Healthy Smiles Ontario there as well. 

Check out the link to the monthly calendar for the location closest to you. This is the link; Calendar

3. City of Ottawa

This website will help with your search to help pay for your health services. There is a dental care dropdown. In this section, it goes over children and adult dental services. 

The services are provided to those who have; 

Urgent/emergency dental care – If you do NOT have a dentist 

  • Go online at Ottawa Dental Society or call 613-523-3876 to find a list of dentists
  • Call the Ottawa Public Health Dental Information Line at 613-580-6744, ext. 23510

4. Gift From The Heart

This is an initiative by Registered Dental Hygienists. You can go to this website and find the next date they are offering free dental hygiene services. Services include cleanings, polish, fluoride treatments, and possibly sealants if applicable. 

5. Free Dentistry Day 

Free dental treatment by Dentists and Dental Hygienists. First come first served basis and you can choose between a filling, extraction or cleaning. Due to high volume, I suggest getting there as early as possible as there are limited openings. 

6. Free Yazdani

Same as Number 5. Choose between a filling, extraction or cleaning. Yazdani has two office locations, one in Kemptville and the other in Kanata. 

7. Free Centrum

Same as Number 5 and 6. Choose between a filling, extraction or cleaning. The office is located in Kanata. 

8. Algonquin Dental Clinic

Algonquin College has a dental clinic located on campus. They offer basic dental work for a drastically reduced cost. You do trade your time for the less expensive treatment. You could be there for 2-3 separate appointments that last up to 2 hours. 

The cost for cleaning is dependant on the degree of difficulty (depends on the amount of care required). 

You can find their fee guide here Algonquin College Dental Clinic Price List 

They offer X-rays, cleanings, sealants, mouth guards, and teeth whitening treatments. 

I really hope that this information helps you find dental treatment. Your mouth is the gateway to your whole body and keeping it healthy is very important. 

Happy smiling, 

Holly 🙂

Holly Verran RDH

I am a Registered Dental Hygienist in Ontario, Canada. I hold registration and good standing with both the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario and the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association.

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